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Music Videos
Web Links Music Videos that NSS has provided crew positions for, including DP, Camera, Grip, Gaffer, etc.
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  Link   Goodnight - Pretty in Stereo
This is such a high energy band! The video pales in compairison to their live performances!! We loved doing these videos, NSS providing Camera 2, Grip and Gaffer positions.
  Link   Forever In a Day - Pretty in Stereo
Pretty In Stereo, this is the BEST band not in the top 10. That's our opinion, having provided Camera 2, Grip and Gaffer, we know what we're talking about!
  Link   This is So Crazy! - Klymaxx - Unruley Cooly
Klymaxx Presents Unruley Cooly, This song just blew us away!!! The base line on the video is not thick enough, as compared to the CD. The energy this song brings to the crowd is infectious! NSS provided DP, Camera 2, Grip and Gaffer positions on